Siân Wynn BA(Hons) SEA

Siân works mainly in pastel, watercolour and pencil, but occasionally uses oil or acrylic. She is happy to take commissions and can be contacted via e-mail:[email protected]

She has always been fascinated by anatomy and movement, and has spent a great deal of time studying the former, and watching the behaviour and movement of animals of all kinds, believing that learning from books or photographs is no substitute for ‘hands on’ knowledge and observation. She feels that it is most important to capture the individuality of each animal, as well as the particular characteristics of its breed. She continues to paint for customers in the USA and has also sent work to Malaysia and Japan. Other examples of her work can be found on her web-site at

Although originally from Yorkshire, Siân is now based in Cambridgeshire. She always wanted to go to Art School, but, in the late 60s, Saturday morning life classes at Leeds College of Art convinced her that she and they were diametrically opposed! Instead she went to Manchester University, graduating in History of Art, followed by a Post Grad teaching course and a brief career teaching art. Later, while living in Malvern she attended painting and life classes at Malvern Hills College, and in recent years she has been a member of the Newmarket Art Group. Siân joined the SEA in 1993, and was made an Associate at the end of 2001. She has shown work at a number of venues around the country, and has had work accepted for SEA exhibitions in London, Yorkshire and Newmarket, as well being a regular exhibitor with the Armed Forces Art Society.

Coming from a family of farmers, farriers and wheelwrights, horses were in the blood. When she was a baby her Grandfather, a retired farmer, would wheel her down to visit his friend’s point-to-pointers, while a great uncle took her to watch his neighbour’s hackneys. Both encouraged her drawing and she has drawn horses ever since she could first hold a pencil. (Her Grandfather used to guide her hand around racing photographs in the Yorkshire Post!) With this early indoctrination it is hardly surprising that Siân has always loved horses. An on and off riding career began at the age of 4, but she regrets that she has never been better than a mediocre rider! For many years horses dropped out of her life, and she didn’t paint very much either (blame small children!) but her interest in both was rekindled when her youngest daughter started nursery school. Having been asked to teach an evening class, it seemed a good idea to get back to work, so she started taking a sketchbook along to the Disabled Riding Group at which she helped. This led to her first commissions. Then a chance lunchtime ride began the rot which 3 years of living in America compounded! In America Siân had shares in a couple of nice horses, and also had a lovely mare on loan. Her husband learned stoically to be a ‘Horse Show Dad’ (hauling trailers, holding ponies and shelling out money!) as his daughters showed a friend’s working hunter pony very successfully on the Mid West circuit. On the Wynn’s return to England first a loan pony and then their own pony (still with us at the age of 31!) joined the household, to be followed by an opinionated Arab. Throughout these years the occasional sketch for a friend developed into a steady flow of commissions on both sides of the Atlantic. She has done portraits of many different breeds, from Arabs to hairy ponies, and also paints dogs, cats and farm animals.